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Holiday Savings

November 17th, 2014 | Alabama Metal Art | 0 Comments

Order early and save!

Alabama Metal Art is excited to announce our 2014 holiday savings.  We want to be sure that everyone has the opportunity to place their order and get it in time for Christmas so you can give a unique piece of metal art to that someone special.

  • 30% OFF! If you order between November 17th and November 22nd then you can receive a 30% discount (when you use coupon code:  HOLIDAY30“ ).
  • 15% OFF!  If you order between November 23rd and November 30th then you can still receive a 15% discount (when you use coupon code:  HOLIDAY15“ ). 

We hope these discounts help you with your Holiday shopping!  But MOST importantly remember in order to receive an order before Christmas the absolute last day to place your order is December 2nd!   There is a lot of handcrafted love that goes into each piece and we can’t make these pieces overnight.  So wait if you must and miss out on theses great discounts (all discounts end on Nov. 30th).

All orders placed by December 2nd are guaranteed to arrive by December 23rd.

 Please note the discounts above can be applied to any of the personalized items (including but not limited to Personalized Name ArtHouse Number Signs, and Personalized Garden Signs) that can be ordered using our web-site (except for mailboxes).  These discounts cannot be applied to custom/special orders.

Alabama Metal Art

Alabama Metal Art

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Custom Signs for Home, Office, or Store Fronts

March 2nd, 2012 | Alabama Metal Art | 0 Comments

For businesses the ability to easily be identified by their customers is so important.  A custom sign is one way to solve this problem.  Well established, or just starting out, most successful businesses know the importance of good signage.

Custom Business Sign for Piano Studio

Custom Business Sign for Piano Studio

Custom signs not only help customers find the business or store they are looking for but they also serve to reinforce brand awareness.  Special fonts and logos can be used so that the visual branding of the business is consistent.  Take the “Par Lounge” sign shown below.  The image of the golfer and the specialized font both match this business’ already established logo.

Par Lounge custom business sign

Par Lounge custom business sign

In addition custom signs can be used to enhance the inside of a business showroom or office.  The “Martin Foot Specialists” and “Britta’s Tea Room” signs are two examples of this.   These two signs both used established “Name Art” designs offered by Alabama Metal Art and were personalized with business names rather than a family name.  These Name Art pieces work well in areas (inside or out) where larger signs are not appropriate.

Name Art sign personalized with business names rather than a family name.

Name Art designs personalized with business names.

Businesses and organizations often have needs for special signs other than for name, location, and brand awareness.  Take this “Secret Garden” sign for example.  This organization had a playground constructed where all the playground equipment and supplies were donated by local businesses and residents. This custom sign was developed as a means to recognize all those that so generously donated their time and money.

Custom donor sign created by Alabama Metal Art

Custom donor sign

Custom signs are not confined to the business world. “The Farm” sign shown below was shipped to Canada where it will be displayed on a family farm. “The Secret Garden” sign above and “The Farm” sign below share a similar feature.  On each sign the lettering and the floral detail (Secret Garden) are attached in a way so that they appear to “float” over the back plate. This method of construction allows for the lettering and back plate to receive separate contrasting decorative finishes so that the writing is more easily seen. In addition this method creates a 3-dimensional look that gives the sign some “depth” and character.

"The Farm" custom sign will be displayed on a family farm in Canada

Custom sign for family farm in Canada.

Whether it’s at home on a family farm, on an office wall, or identifying a store front custom signs come in many forms and serve a variety of purposes.  If you are in need of a custom sign for any reason contact Alabama Metal Art to see what we can create for you!

Alabama Metal Art

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Spring 2012 Alabama Metal Art Design Contest

February 17th, 2012 | Alabama Metal Art | 0 Comments

Design Contest:  Win $250 plus your design manufactured by Alabama Metal Art.

We are excited to announce our new design contest!   Win $250 plus your design manufactured by Alabama Metal Art. Hand drawn or computer generated designs will be accepted. So practically anyone can enter!

Click here to find out how to enter our Spring 2012 Design Contest!

Alabama Metal Art has so many TALENTED and CREATIVE clients!  We regularly get asked, “Can you make this custom piece using my design?”  And within certain manufacturing requirements the answer is usually “Yes, yes we can!” So this Design Contest really came to life in large part due to the creativity of our existing customers. With this contest we can turn your design concept into a reality.  Because in addition to the $250 cash prize the winner will also receive their own design cut out of metal!

Custom address sign. Hand drawn design on left. Custom metal sign on right.

Custom address sign. Hand drawn design on left. Custom metal sign on right.

 The images included in this blog post are just a couple of recent examples of our customers’ creativity.  We welcome both hand drawn designs as well as computer generated files.  We have even had customers bring in designs for parts as large as 6ft wide cut out of thin plywood and sometimes cardboard!  However, for the best results we recommend that any hand drawn designs are sketched out with a black pencil, pen, or marker on white paper.  The custom address sign shown above is a great example of this! All hand drawn submissions for our design contest should follow this example (i.e. clean lines, not a “rough” sketch, black and white copy).

RHEA custom music sign. Original on top. Custom sign on bottom.

"RHEA" custom music sign. Computer generated design on top. Custom sign on bottom.

Computer generated designs are welcome as well! The “RHEA” music note sign above was presented to us in PDF format.  We also can accept the following formats: DWG, DXF, AI, JPG, PDF, GIF, TIF, and BMP.  When using any graphics software we recommend avoiding drop shadows and special shading.  Just as with hand drawn designs crisp clean lines always help us create the most accurate representation of your design.

Designs submitted by e-mail will be accepted for the contest up until 8am on Monday, March 19, 2012.    Click on the following link for all the details regarding our contest:  Spring 2012 Alabama Metal Art Design Contest.

As noted in the “Design Criteria” section in the link above: we will accept designs of any size up to 50″ x 24″.  Please note that the design you submit does NOT need to be a full size representation of your part.  Hand drawn designs can be created on standard 8.5 x 11 letter size sheet.  On your design just add a notation showing what the overall dimensions of the finished part needs to be (Example:  reference the 20″ vertical dimension on the “3345″ address sign shown in the first image above – this design was sent to us on 8.5×11 paper but the completed address sign was actually 20″ tall).   We will use the overall (vertical and horizontal) dimensions you provide to scale your design up to the appropriate size.   Note that 50″ x 24″ is the maximum size of the finished part.  You can design your piece to be any size and shape within that 50″x24″ window! Also note that the designs submitted do NOT have to be personalized with a name or initial – we definitely welcome any personalization you want to use in your design – but personalization is not a requirement for this contest.

We recommend that hand drawn designs be scanned on a computer and e-mailed to  Anyone near Florence, Alabama is welcome to hand deliver their design.  If you do not have access to a scanner, please contact us by phone or e-mail to find out how to submit your design by mail.   (note: any designs hand delivered or submitted by mail must be delivered to Alabama Metal Art no later than Friday, March 16th).

Anyone with any questions regarding a custom metal sign or our design contest can contact us by e-mail at or by phone at 888-760-0006.

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    THANK YOU! --Donna

    "Thank you so much for our metal name sign, this is the second one we have Purchased from you. We love the signs, we bought both of them just alike, one for our Entrance gate and one on our cattle barn. Everybody that sees them love them. Out Children are going to order them one as well.
    Thank you so much. " --Kathy

    "Hey, that stuff looks amazing.
    I'm pretty picky and rarely completely happy with things. But you worked with me so well and it's exactly what I want, thank you so much! " --Brett

    "Wow fantastic work...the sign is so perfect., really beautiful and we both just love it...very creative!" Tracie in Oregon

    "Thanks, this looks great and we love it! We have been very pleased with your work, service, and Chris has been great to work with each time! Alabama Metal Art employees are always pleasant when I call and very professional!! Shearall in Florida

    "When I purchased my custom sign by Alabama Metal Art they were very prompt and professional. My customed designed sign was made in less than a week. The owner, Chris Roberson, even made a visit to see my signed displayed and to make sure that I was satisfied. Excellent craftsmanship!" Lynne of Sincerely Yours