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Holiday Savings 30% On Personalized Metal Art

September 30th, 2015 | Alabama Metal Art | 0 Comments

Personalized Metal Art offered at a 30% Discount for the Holidays

30% Discount On Personalized Metal Art

Now is the Time to Save!  October is here and the holidays will be upon us in the blink of an eye.  With this in mind, Alabama Metal Art is offering a 30% discount on all Personalized Name Art, House Number Signs, Garden Signs, Monogrammed Toppers, Kitchen Art, Standard Wall Art, and Sports Themed Name Signs (we cannot include mailboxes in this promotion due to the high labor required).  An Alabama Metal Art piece would make a wonderful gift for a family member or a friend.

 Metal Art Ideas for the Young Athlete

Our Sports themed Name Signs have increased popularity over the years .   Whether football, basketball, basketball or soccer, this is a great way to add a personal accent to any kids room.  These art pieces can be personalized with a kids name, a school name or a pro teams name – with colors to compliment.

Personalized Metal Art for the Young Athlete

We hope this discounts will help you with your Holiday planning!  For a full line of ideas please check out our website or if you have a special design in mind that you do not see, give us a call.  This 30% discount will be our highest for the season and will be valid for the entire month of October.  Because much care is put into each art piece we craft, we cannot rush our process.  Our website is or call us Monday thru Friday 888-760-0006.

**************USE “HOLIDAY30″**************

As a coupon code when you place your order.

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Straight Line Metal Art

September 17th, 2015 | Alabama Metal Art | 0 Comments

Cut Out of Alabama Metal Art against a piece of drift wood

Modern Geometric and Mission Gate – Straight Line Metal Art

Introducing the two final new designs to our Personalized Metal Art Family.  The Modern Geometric and the Mission Gate, both are a study in straight line metal art.  Many of today’s designers have migrated to a modern, clean design. With this in mind, our head designer, Robert Miles, has created these two designs.

Mission Gate Personalized Metal Art Sign

Mission Gate

The first straight line metal art design was pulled from the contemporary Mission Style.  The focus is on simple horizontal and vertical lines.  Mission Gate provides an excellent pallet to show off  the textured powder coatings we have available.  This bold design looks great outdoors with options to display  name or address.


Modern Geometric

Personalized Metal Art Sign - Modern Geometric

Click on Images for Ordering Information


A bit of a math freak, our designer dug back to his school  geometry days and came up with the Modern Geometric.  This straight line metal art design utilizes an octagonal frame emphasizing  diagonal lines.  A precise design, it is guaranteed to stand out in any environment.



The Process

Both straight line metal art pieces start out as 11 gauge (or 1/8″) thick sheet metal.  We nest our designs for efficient use of  each sheet. The metal is placed on the laser table, a program is downloaded, and the laser goes to work.  It is fascinating to watch the laser bounce with precision from one design to another. When completed minor prep is required prior to powder coating. Powder application takes a patient operator who will ensure the metal is covered.  Next the art piece goes into oven and is baked, producing a durable coating.  Final inspection completed,  the art piece is ready to ship.  We pride ourselves in making sure our customers are 100% satisfied.

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Roman Arches Name Art

September 9th, 2015 | Alabama Metal Art | 0 Comments

As promised here is the introduction of our next  personalized name art “Roman Arches.”  The Roman Arches Name Art piece was  inspired by arches originally created in ancient Rome.  The Romans were the first Europeans to utilize this design to its maximum.  This design with their invention of concrete allowed them to build many memorable structures that still endure today.  Our designer decide to add some interest in this design my inverting some of the Roman Arch and making the overall design symmetrical.  

Roman Arches Personalized Name Art

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We drove around town with our prototype of the Roman Arches Name Art piece and tested it in many different environments.  We found this to be one of our most versatile designs as it blended well with many backgrounds.  This metal art piece can be customized with your name or  your home or business address.

Powder Coat Options for our Name Art


When the Roman Arches Name Art piece is finished with a Cast Iron or Pewter powder coat the appearance is rustic.  The veins – Copper, Silver or Gold provide a finish suitable for an indoor decor and the unique Japanese Maple finish gives the illusion of a rich wood finish.  With any finish Roman Arches Name Art is a definite winner.


Roman Arches Personalized Name Art Piece

If you would like more information on the New Personalized Metal Art -Family Tree, or any of the other new or existing Name Art, click on one of the images or feel free to contact us at . Keep an eye open for our future posting, we would love to have your feedback on our new designs. Don’t forget to like our page on Facebook!

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New Personalized Metal Art

August 28th, 2015 | Alabama Metal Art | 0 Comments

New Personalized Metal Art - Family Tree against stone wall

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 Introducing our New Personalized Metal Art

The summer months have proved to be a busy time at Alabama Metal Art.  Our staff designer did stop and take some time to design several New Personalized Metal Art pieces.  Our new designs are the Family Tree, Roman Arches, Mission Gate and Modern Geometric.   Over the next several weeks will be be featuring them on this blog in hopes that you come to love these new personalized pieces as much as we do.

 Family Tree – One of the New Personalize Metal Art

Our first introduction is the “Family Tree.” Although we have just started to showcase this new personalized metal art it has already shown its popularity.  As you can see from the various images throughout the blog its charm can dress up an outside wall or inside a family home.

One nice feature of our new personalized metal art is its flexibility to be coated with various powder coat finishes.  Cast Iron Black powder coat gives the metal art a rustic outdoor look whereas, a Copper Vein powder makes it more formalized for an inside wall.  We will work with you to make sure the finish we provide works the best for you.

The Family Tree art piece can be customized with a name or if  you wish a house number.  All of these art pieces come with two welded hangers on the back for installation.  At Alabama Metal Art we have the ability to increase or decrease the over all size of the Family Tree.  Customization is second nature to us.

If you would like more information on the New Personalized  Metal Art -Family Tree, or any of the other new offerings, click on one of the images or feel free to contact us at .  Keep an eye open for our future posting, we would love to have your feedback on our new designs. Don’t forget to like our page on Facebook!

New Personalized Metal Art - Glackin Family Tree

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House Number Sign

August 18th, 2015 | Alabama Metal Art | 0 Comments

house number sign

In Search for  the perfect House Number Sign

After living in the city for many years we decided to purchase a home in the country.  We have found it both beautiful and peaceful, and at times a little too quiet.  I must admit that it took some adjustment having only cows, horses and donkeys for neighbors.  One thing we learned quickly is that no-one, including the UPS driver could determine which house on our road was ours, even though there are only four.

Alabama Metal Art to the Rescue

During our first few years we searched several different sources for the perfect House Number Sign.  With harsh summer storms and the never-ending sunshine each House Number Sign we chose just did not last.   After many failed attempts I discovered that Alabama Metal Art would customize a  House Number Sign for us (this was prior to my employment here!). It was just what we needed, a strong metal House Number Sign with a durable powdercoat finish.  Because there were several designs and options to choose from it took the wife and I several discussions to pick out the right House Number Sign for our home.

Finally, we decided that we wanted the House Number Sign to be seen from both directions and with a  white back plate to aid in its visibility.  My next challenge was where to put the House Number Sign.  Would it be better to place it up near our front entry or down near the road?  In the end we chose to place it near the road.  In Alabama before you put something metal in the ground you need to have a good rain storm to soften up the clay soil.  Luckily mother nature was cooperative and soon the House Number Sign was firmly placed in its permanent spot.  I was able to accentuate the sign even more by landscaping around the sign with three clumps of green ornamental grass and two burgundy crepe myrtle trees.  It looks great and now everyone has no problem knowing which is our house (even the UPS driver!).

If you are in search of a perfect House Number Sign for your home check out House Number Signs on our website.


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Holiday Savings

November 17th, 2014 | Alabama Metal Art | 0 Comments

Order early and save!

Alabama Metal Art is excited to announce our 2014 holiday savings.  We want to be sure that everyone has the opportunity to place their order and get it in time for Christmas so you can give a unique piece of metal art to that someone special.

  • 30% OFF! If you order between November 17th and November 22nd then you can receive a 30% discount (when you use coupon code:  HOLIDAY30“ ).
  • 15% OFF!  If you order between November 23rd and November 30th then you can still receive a 15% discount (when you use coupon code:  HOLIDAY15“ ). 

We hope these discounts help you with your Holiday shopping!  But MOST importantly remember in order to receive an order before Christmas the absolute last day to place your order is December 2nd!   There is a lot of handcrafted love that goes into each piece and we can’t make these pieces overnight.  So wait if you must and miss out on theses great discounts (all discounts end on Nov. 30th).

All orders placed by December 2nd are guaranteed to arrive by December 23rd.

 Please note the discounts above can be applied to any of the personalized items (including but not limited to Personalized Name ArtHouse Number Signs, and Personalized Garden Signs) that can be ordered using our web-site (except for mailboxes).  These discounts cannot be applied to custom/special orders.

Alabama Metal Art

Alabama Metal Art

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Alabama Metal Art Powder Coating

March 31st, 2014 | Alabama Metal Art | 0 Comments

powder coat alabama metal art

Powder being applied to a grounded Metal Art piece.

Alabama Metal Art custom powder coats all orders in any color the customer desires. Powder coating allows for a strong bond, and a uniform, steady coat across the entirety of the piece.












Each piece is grounded, allowing the positively charged powder to be drawn to the piece, propelled by the electrostatic charge created by the gun.

Powder coating

Custom Art piece being coated














After the piece is completely coated, the applicator places the piece in an industrial sized oven, where the powder melts into a bonded unified coating. It is then removed and allowed to cool, forming the strong, durable shell. Once cooled, the piece is quality inspected and shipped to the customer.

If you have something you’d like powder coated, email us at with pictures and dimensions of your piece.


Industrial oven

Industrial oven


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Alabama Metal Art creates Mane Room Gates for UNA

March 20th, 2014 | Alabama Metal Art | 0 Comments

We are extremely proud to have been chosen to create not 1 but 2 pieces for the University of North Alabama’s Department of Entertainment Industry!

Using concepts and designs brought to us by Chuck Craig of UNA, the Alabama Metal Art team successfully went from CAD to completion with a custom cut sign made to display over the entrance of the Department of Entertainment Industry.

Entertainment Industry sign before powder coating and installation.
Entertainment Industry sign before powder coating and installation.

Entertainment industry sign upon completion and installation.
Entertainment industry sign upon completion and installation.

When the time came to place gates on the entrance to the Mane Room, Mr. Craig came to Alabama Metal Art with the desire to carry on the same theme of the Entertainment Industry sign.

Gate Door post powder coating
Gate Door post powder coating

Laying the UNA DEI microphone and headset over the top of UNA shield cut mesh, Alabama Metal Art was able to clearly carry the theme set by its previous DEI work.

UNA Mane Room gates444
Gates, completed and installed.

The finished product allowed Alabama Metal Art to flex it’s creative muscle while working with North Alabama’s most celebrated institution.

From custom gates and signs, to name art and more, Alabama Metal Art strives to provide unique custom art, with quality and precision. No matter the size of the order or customer.

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Design contest 2014

February 26th, 2014 | Alabama Metal Art | 0 Comments

We are extremely excited to announce our 2014 design contest!

 Examples of former contest entries:

sample entries from 2012 design contest

Tiffany Tree before and after

Who Should Enter:

  • Anyone!  We encourage all of our Facebook friends (both new and old) as well as our former Alabama Metal Art clients to enter a design!
  • Contest participants should be from one of the U.S. lower 48 states (the winning design will be shipped to the contest winner free of charge within the lower 48 U.S. states).


How To Enter:

Design Criteria:

  • Designs are to be submitted by e-mail ( and must include your full name, valid e-mail address, and contact phone number (your contact info will not be shared with any other party and will only be used in case we need to contact you regarding your design) .
  • Designs must be no larger than 50″ x 24″ (the winning design will be cut out of 12 gage steel sheet which is approximately 1/8″ thick).
  • Designs do NOT have to be submitted actual size – scaled down drawings on 8.5 x 11 sheet size are adequate. Overall dimensions of the finished part should be noted on your design.   
  • Designs should be unique and original.
  • Designs submitted can be hand drawn or computer generated (amateur designers only) – contact Alabama Metal Art if you have difficulty creating a digital image of your hand drawn design.    Preferred file formats:  DWG, DXF, AI, PDF, JPG, or BMP.
  • All designs must have relatively clean lines (i.e. no “rough” sketches) and should be submitted in black and white only.
  • Designs do NOT have to be personalized with a name.
  • Designs must be manufacturable:
  • 1-piece design – part must be all connected (see below).
  • ¼” minimum width of cut out part (see below).
  • Click on the “CROFT” example below for additional clarification of the manufacturing criteria.

Design Contest manufacturing criteria

How the Contest Works:

  • Designs will be accepted up until Tuesday, April 1st at 8 a.m.
  • All designs will be posted in a photo album on Facebook until the finalists are determined.
  • Five (5) finalists will be selected by Alabama Metal Art (finalists will be chosen based on uniqueness, creativity, and manufacturability of the designs submitted).
  • Finalists designs will be posted in a new album on Alabama Metal Art’s Facebook page no later than Thursday, April 3rd (2 days after the submission deadline).
  • Finalists will ask their Facebook friends to “LIKE” the Alabama Metal Art Facebook page and then “LIKE” (vote for) the photo posted on our page that contains their design (any Facebook user is welcome to “vote”).
  • The design with the most “LIKES” on Monday, April 14th at 8 a.m.  wins the contest.
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Garden Gates

December 16th, 2013 | Alabama Metal Art | 0 Comments

CUSTOM Garden Gate - decorative (543x434)Custom garden gates are an attractive way to create a unique and personalized style in and around your home. At Alabama Metal Art we specialize in various types of metal art, including ornamental metal gates, so let our design team go to work in developing a steel gate to reflect your personal tastes.

Whether residential or commercial, small or large, simplistic or ornamental, we can help you get the metal gate you need – we are certain you will be pleased with the custom metal gate we create for you.  We can even personalize your custom garden gates with your name or address, or monogram it with your initial. Our steel garden gates are great metal security barriers to protect your loved ones, pets, and home – our gates are as sturdy as they are beautiful.

Our designers will work with you to help you decide the best garden gate design to complement your landscaping and the architecture of your home.

As fall weather takes hold, you need to change your gardening practices to get your landscape ready for the season ahead. A fall garden can be just as functional and beautiful as a summer garden.  It can also provide you with a different variety of vegetables.  Lettuce, broccoli, pumpkins, sweet potatoes are some of the great vegetables that you can plant for the fall.

Accent your garden with a custom garden gate from Alabama Metal Art. Each garden gate is custom designed to fit your style and location.  Pricing of these custom metal gates vary based on size, finish and complexity of design and are quoted on an individual basis. The design possibilities are limited only by your imagination – from very basic to intricate and ornate – we can handle whatever gate you have in mind.  Contact us today to discuss your custom gate design and to get a quote.

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  • Testimonials


    THANK YOU! --Donna

    "Thank you so much for our metal name sign, this is the second one we have Purchased from you. We love the signs, we bought both of them just alike, one for our Entrance gate and one on our cattle barn. Everybody that sees them love them. Out Children are going to order them one as well.
    Thank you so much. " --Kathy

    "Hey, that stuff looks amazing.
    I'm pretty picky and rarely completely happy with things. But you worked with me so well and it's exactly what I want, thank you so much! " --Brett

    "Wow fantastic work...the sign is so perfect., really beautiful and we both just love it...very creative!" Tracie in Oregon

    "Thanks, this looks great and we love it! We have been very pleased with your work, service, and Chris has been great to work with each time! Alabama Metal Art employees are always pleasant when I call and very professional!! Shearall in Florida

    "When I purchased my custom sign by Alabama Metal Art they were very prompt and professional. My customed designed sign was made in less than a week. The owner, Chris Roberson, even made a visit to see my signed displayed and to make sure that I was satisfied. Excellent craftsmanship!" Lynne of Sincerely Yours